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High culinary art at affordable prices

The Executive chef Vangelis Bilimbas, guides us into his kingdom…

In the kitchen, like a virtuoso, he gives "touches" of flavor to dishes that you hesitate to taste, even though they smell gorgeously, so that you will not ruin their aesthetic part. And when you timidly try a forkful from the tip of your dish, every unique combination of tastes won’t be enough to satiate your appetite for more.

Because, what ultimately makes the difference is that in "haute" cuisine, the flavors are delicate, without overlapping each other.

The menu

The kitchen team gets inspired, experiments and creates. Something new is born every day and depending on the season, it becomes a part of the small list that is thematically defined.

Recipes of traditional Greek cuisine are transformed into modern, innovative ones and they are presented as works of art with deep taste. In the menus we use the freshest products, carefully selected on a daily basis by the owner and executive chef, Vangelis Bilimbas. Excellent raw materials, items that are not widely known, the best products of the primary sector from Samos and other islands of the Aegean with respect to their seasonality, added details of mineral salts and edible flowers, follow the creativity and inspiration of the Chef.

Events and corporate meals

... for guaranteed success!

Wedding, Baptism, Celebration and Business dinners to give your guests the best impressions.

Create menus tailored to your tastes, combining our high-level cuisine with experience and aesthetics.

Hellenic Creative Cuisine


Pithagorion, Samos, Greece



Monday  -  Sunday

12:00 - 15:00

18:00 - 24:00



Restaurant: 22730 61672

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