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A few words from the Chef

The food is tastier when it is shared ...

Since I was a child, I had a special love mixed with deep admiration for my mother and grandmother, who had achieved something magical: to take the simplest, everyday ingredients of the Samian cuisine and with the knowledge of tradition, to transform them into amazing delicacies. I remember that always at home, our friends and acquaintances could never get enough of the delicacies served at the table and they would always enjoy the warmth of their hospitable mood. Food was the connecting link of the family and much more… This is what I wanted to communicate through my work, this is what I wish to offer with the recipes that Samos inspires me to create. Local ingredients, spices in the right dosages, knowledge and experience. But most of all love. The love for man and the good cuisine, which is always "sharing" life…

Cooking should please the one who tastes it; to reveal its secrets but also to hide them, so that one may look for their hidden meanings, in the greatest materials, like the ones produced by the blessed Samian land…

To be as true as the colors and aromas that emerge from the “marriage” of flavors. To mix the modern approach of nutrition and hygiene with the trends of haute cuisine. To be able to be presented at an international conference and at the same time to be served unreservedly to your child…

The Chef and his kitchen

The Executive chef Evangelos Bilimbas is a certified member of the Chef's Club of Greece and an international gastronomy judge of the W.A.C.S (World Association Chefs Society). The chef in his restaurant intricately balances between tradition and knowledge, innovation and talent, inspiration and many years of experience, use of modern technological means and methods and traditional cooking techniques. The result is an amalgam between the "Greek" and the creative cuisine.

As a fan of the "Pythagorean diet", he has set as a goal of life its emergence as a dominant trend in the modern Samian cuisine. He participates voluntarily in the representation of Samos in international exhibitions, conferences and events, as he supports that "this blessed island of the Aegean has its own gastronomic identity, from Pythagoras the philosopher to the “philosophy” of the traditional Samian cuisine…”
With the artistic presentation of the dishes, our eyes are initially satisfied. Fine fragrances stimulate the sense of smell. Every little forkful attempts to fascinate the taste. A dose of exoticism in small details puts the stamp of a cuisine that touches both the Greek lover of "good food" and visitors from the West and the East. The Chef's hands move like a painter, imprinting on the canvas of the plate a truly artistic work on the theme of the Samian cuisine. To the exquisite raw materials, selected one by one, the chef gives the value they deserve, highlighting them both in taste and in appearance with modern techniques.

High gastronomy is an elaborate process that requires knowledge, talent, passion, constant engagement, improvisation and experience. But most of all, it requires a creative mood, so that the whole of Greece can be included in one dish...

Undeniably, Chef Vangelis Bilimbas and his team have succeeded in that!

World Association Chefs Society


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